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Come and experience the most popular service booked at Etandah.  A facial 
can transport you to a dreamy oasis of relaxation & comprehensive skin 
care with results. 
Our estheticians will help you achieve both relaxation and
beautiful skin in a dreamy spa atmosphere.
If it is your first facial we ask you to fill out a skincare in-take form (5min). 
We review this with you and choose what skin care treatment is best suited for you.  We want to know many details but most importantly your skincare goals.  What would you like to see if you could wave a magic wand? This is an organic spa that preforms beyond most peoples expectations.   We know our Organic Chemistry and the Biology of skin and this combination creates what everyone is talking about: Amazing Facial with Amazing Results. 
If this is not your first facial at Etandah we will take a few minutes to review your initial in-take form and update it.  Usually the skin changes with seasons and other variables. We also keep a record of what done and used in the previous facial and chat about what works for you and what other treatment options there are for different specific results.  
Another feature of our Facials are the free samples. We always provide samples of some of the products used in your treatment to take home.  This enables you to keep your spa experience a little bit longer and achieve more amazing results with our powerful certified organic skincare line: ilike.
We have recently changed how we are booking our facials to be easier. Book in for either a 60 minute or 90 minute facial.  When we do our skincare in-take form/update we go over your skins current status (dry, oily, combo, problematic, or acne, sensitivity, rosacea, etc.) What you are using at home, what factors are contributing to the skins issues (or not), what goals you want to work towards etc. Then we choose the appropriate route of treatment:
 - Deep Cleansing
 - Anti-Aging
 - Balancing 
 - Brightening 
 - Firming / Tightening
 - Vitalizing
 - Anti-Stress
 - Hydrating
 - Plumping
 - Ultra-Sensitive 
 - Hormonal
 - Calming
 - Eczema 
 - Oxygenating
 - Detoxifying

facial pic.jpg

45 min Ultra Sensitive Facial


60 min Facial 

1hr 15 min

90 min Facial

1hr 45 min


1hr 45 min

*Your aesthetician will decide your course of treatment. 

Simply book your desired facial length and we will handle the rest!






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