Enjoy one of our many facials to cleanse, rehydrate, nourish and soothe your body's largest organ – the skin.

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Etandah Organic Day Spa, with over 30 years of certified, licensed, and diploma holding aesthetics within the team, is proud to hold the most experience in Yellowknife, and offer an array of classic spa services with organic and holistic products in a relaxed and comfortable environment. We are honored to use and sell the most celebrated products in Organic Skin Care – ilike. ilike Organic Skincare combines the highest quality organic Hungarian ingredients with age-old secrets of herbs, fruit and vegetables to produce the best organic skin care products. ilike uses handmade pulp, not extracts, so you benefit from the
full concentration and power of the herbal ingredients. 

Our Spa features:

•    Two Contiumm Foot Spas with massage chair and water jets, in a private room

•    Brow Bar

•    Manicure Bar

•    Two facial treatment rooms

Call us to find out how you can book a free consultation. You are not obligated to purchase any products. During the consultation, we’ll analyze your skin concerns and you can test some products to find out which ones will give you the best results for your at-home skin care regime. 

If you are having trouble booking online, please call and leave us a detailed voice mail. We’ll call you back promptly with an appointment selection.

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